Day 1, Leg 4, 2012-2013 Winter Motorcycle Adventure

March 28, 2013 — It’s a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride! The Super Shuttle that my sweetheart (SH) had pre-scheduled picked us up at DFW and dropped us off at a Public Storage in Dallas. Our bikes started right up, which we no longer take for granted after our Phoenix to El Paso leg started with a dead battery. We headed to High Five Cycle to get the front tire on SH’s bike replaced. He had researched the cycle shop and ordered the tire ahead of time, so that was a pretty quick service stop. We walked about a half mile to Cheddar’s for lunch while the tire was replaced. This exception to the “no chains” rule qualified because 1) I’ve never been to one before, 2) time and convenience – near enough to walk to and 3) the food was good! I bought a couple t-shirts there, one that commemorates Leslie Porterfield, who holds the world record for woman with the fastest speed on a motorcycle at 253 mph! Two of her motorcycles on which she achieved speed records were on display at the shop.

We were on State Hwy 75 North by about 1:15 p.m. and survived the freeway traffic and construction until exiting onto Hwy 121 North. The countryside is quite different from the stretch between El Paso and Dallas, and includes a combination of flat farm land and rolling hills, and more trees than I expected. The towns included Honey Grove, Paris, Detroit and little Chicago, perhaps indicating a lot of transplants from those areas? At Bonham we turned onto Hwy 82. We stopped for a break at a gas station in Paris, and based on that 20 minutes and our observations while driving through, it doesn’t come anywhere near living up to its namesake!

At Clarksville, we went north on Hwy 37 to the Red River and the Oklahoma border. The river is extremely low, and looks like red desert sand dunes on both sides of the actual water. Near Idabel, OK a second rest stop resulted in a conversation with a trucker who currently hauls products from an area paper mill. He used to haul potatoes from the Red River Valley of ND, so is familiar with our home territory. We also talked bikes – he has a Harley.

It was cloudy most of the day, but we soaked up the consistent 70 degree temps with appreciation. It has been a late, cold spring at home, where we finally hit 40 degrees this week for the first time in more than 100 days! I am LOVING the communication systems we bought at the start of this adventure. So much more fun to be able to share our thoughts and interesting points along the way!

Broken Bow, OK, is our day’s destination, about 180 miles from our start. Not a whole lot going on in Broken Bow, but the hotel is clean and I’m excited to be visiting Oklahoma for the first time. We took an unintentionally long walk along the highway looking for a steak house that we got a recommendation for, but couldn’t find it. So we walked back and went to the Choctaw Cassino across the street from our hotel where I had a chef salad and SH had a burger at the cassino cafe.

I’m also looking forward to what promises to be beautiful scenery and interesting riding roads Friday.

Good night from Broken Bow, Oklahoma!

Love, Tomboy Tam

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