Clever, creative, fun – I want that job description!

I get a lot of email messages – likely, you can relate. Today, one of them had a headline that got me to open the “Well + Good” wellness newsletter out of New York City, and boy-oh-tomboy did it inspire me! (I subscribed because my friend and fitness guru Dawn Doll, over at Revolution Cycle + Fitness, kept quoting it!)

The headline “‘50 Shades of Kale’ is bound to excite your taste buds,” linked to an article about a new cookbook by that title. You may recognize the not-so-veiled reference to a controversial book that caused quite a media stir earlier this year. (If you missed it and want to get caught up on the brouhaha, type “50 Shades” into your browser search field. Erase the history before the kids get back on the computer!)

The article was entertaining, provocative, educational and effective! I can’t WAIT to buy the cookbook and “get some healthy kale action” myself!

OK, kale action aside, I was inspired by the creative, clever and fun voice of the article and the cookbook. I allowed my own creativity to wither quite a bit at a job where I wrote and edited many corporate communications for many years, primarily in a conservative, factual style that was appropriate for that industry and company. I appreciated the many benefits and developed many useful skills there, for which I’m grateful.

At the same time, that environment didn’t nurture my creativity and I didn’t feed that need elsewhere. When that job ended earlier this year, I started interacting with a variety of people, exploring business opportunities and writing different types of communications — it was like a brown wool blanket was removed from my head and the creative juices started trickling between the synapses in my brain again! I literally feel younger, lighter and more energetic since I started doing work that I consider fun.

The Kale article and book were great reminders of priorities for the next stages of my career: work with people, products and companies that fill my creative tank, support the tomboy in me, inspire my passion and enable abundant fun. And if I hit a creative dry spell in one area of my work, find another source from which to water it – stat!

  • What feeds your soul at work? Or what in your soul needs feeding from your career?
  • If your current work suddenly ended, or thinking back to a point in your career history, would you look for new work just like it or something very different? In what ways would it be different?
  • I’ve always heard “Find a job doing what you love and you’ll never ‘work’ again.” What do you love, and have you ever had a job that didn’t feel like work?
  • If you’re not feeling the love at work, what’s holding you back from a change?
  • If you love your work, what’s your secret formula for loving it?

Let’s go get some kale!

Tomboy Tam

5 thoughts on “Clever, creative, fun – I want that job description!

  1. Many of us may not have our “dream job” or may not even know what our dream job would be. In my opinion I think it is important to Work to Live not Live to Work. But since we all do have to work there is no reason that we can’t make the best of it while we are doing it and even have fun. However, if there are people such as a boss, client or co-workers making it impossible to make the best of it and they are stressing a person out and there is nothing that can be done about it then that it is clear sign to me that it would be time to find a new job.

  2. This has been a question I have thought about a lot in the last couple of years! When I first entered the corporate world, no way did I think I would still be with the same company in the same field 15 years later! Eek. Now as I have started to realize – yes, I really have been there for 15 years and I still have at least 15 more…I wonder what I would do if I had to suddenly try a new field or shift companies. It’s a daunting thought and a little scary. It makes me wonder if I made a mistake by not moving an number of years ago – but then again would I have been as happy or successful elsewhere? Which then leads me to think about how significantly our thinking changes over time – what 21 year old worries about whether or not they should move now to make it better 10-15 years down the road. They don’t. Not that either is right or wrong, bad or good – but they sure are different :). PS loved the kale article and bought the cookbook online – it’s FREE for the next couple of days! Can’t wait to try one of the recipes. 🙂

    • I can say that I make the best decisions I can for myself, based on the information, beliefs and priorities I have at the time the decision has to be made. Not too many regrets! 🙂 Thanks for the tip on the Kale cookbook – I now have my FREE downloaded copy as well! Already, I have experienced personal benefits from blogging! 🙂

  3. So many questions that are so pertinent to my current state of mind! I know that, if my work suddenly ended, I would not look for work just like it. The big question on my mind right now is: What do I want to do? Thanks for giving me some more food for thought!

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